Craig Road Animal Hospital Pet of the Month

Meet our Pet of The Month, Griffin!

Griffin is a two-year-old Blue Brindle French Bulldog with a playful and loving personality. What makes Griffin unique is his soft caramel brindle color on his blue coat. Owner Brianna, says “He gets along with all dogs and just always wants to play.” He’s had a few obstacles dealing with his health but that hasn’t stopped him from just being a puppy.

“Griffin has had everything from vaccinations, neuter, soft palate surgery, and stenotic nares surgery. He is currently getting laser therapy for his neck pain, but don’t let all that fool you, he’s the happiest little spark plug.” His favorite toy is his blue Wubba and a small rawhide bone that he carries everywhere but doesn’t chew.

He loves running and playing with his best friend Bailey, the Boxer. His favorite activity is going for rides in the Jeep and going off-roading. Breanna says “His personality is super upbeat and he’s fearlessly adventurous, he’s also very loving and definitely a mama’s boy.”

Congratulations Griffin, you’re our Pet of the Month for June  2017!

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