Remington is a four-year-old giant mastiff from California. “When others love my monster, it makes me smile. Remington is the sweetest, most perfect example of a mastiff temperament,” says Kristee Kallas, Remington’s owner. She found Remington as a puppy and could not resist having two from the litter. Remington and his brother Winston have been together since birth.

Remington weighs 220lbs, his collar is 34 inches, and his chest is a tremendous 50 inches. This huge dog eats about 10-12 cups of food a day. Remington is a big boy there is no doubt about that, however he is not without fear. Remington is scared of little dogs, but he is terrified of cats! With 220lbs of fur he needs to be vacuumed like a rug to clean his heavy coat.

Don’t let his immense size fool you, Remington is a sweetheart. His favorite spot is the driveway where he spends his time watching neighborhood kids at play. His favorite treats include a twenty pack of chicken nuggets from Mc Donald’s, and frozen meatballs.

Congratulations to Remington for becoming Craig Road Animal Hospital’s pet of the month for August!