Our Pet of the Month for October is Bear!

Say hello to Bear, a seven year old chihuahua dachshund mix. Bear recently visited Craig Road for a checkup with Dr. Tampira. Obviously this little guy was ready for Halloween with his lobster costume. Even though his name is Bear, he’s only a fraction of one’s size. Standing tall at just under a foot, Bear commands the attention of people wherever he goes. She will also respond to the name of anyone else receiving attention. This two year old pup has many responsibilities to deal with at home including cleaning up crumbs, licking, and multiple naps.

Bear is more of a lover than a fighter, one day Mom asked Bear if he wanted to cuddle, little did she know that she was scheduling mandatory cuddle time at 9:30 every night. While there isn’t much that phases him, it should be noted that windshield wipers are Bear’s mortal enemies. This Chiwenie loves skateboards too, but instead of riding them she likes to bite and chew on them instead!

Congratulation Bear, you’re our October Pet of the Month!

If you would like to submit your pet for Pet of the Month, please use the form here (don’t forget a picture!) or email us at info@craigrd.com.