Say “hello” to Karrington, the newest extern at Craig Road Animal Hospital!

Karrington is a 4th-year student at Ross University in St. Kitts and is finishing her clinical year at Colorado State University. She grew up in Tennessee, right between Memphis and Nashville, and knew she wanted to become a veterinarian since she was a young girl.

“As a kid I always really loved animals, and as I got older, I started shadowing veterinarians at different animal hospitals, and it just reinforced that that was what I wanted to do,” Karrington said.

She continued volunteering at animal hospitals in her hometown in Tennessee before attending the College of Charleston in South Carolina. Karrington graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biology and took a gap year before attending Ross University. During that time, Karrington worked as a veterinary assistant in Tennessee and gained more experience working in animal medicine.

She said she learned about the externship program at Craig Road while at Ross University and is looking forward to seeing how different animal hospitals work, observing the everyday cases that come in, and gaining more surgery experience. Karrington said she’s most interested in general practice and surgery.

In her spare time, Karrington enjoys hiking and dabbles in photography. She has three pets: an island cat named Mango, and two dogs named Ellie and Lucy.

Glad to have you with us, Karrington!