Samantha Sellers

Samantha has always loved animals but it was her experiences in high school that led her to pursue a career with them. “I volunteered at a shelter when I was a senior,” Samantha said. “Then volunteering turned into schooling, which turned into internships, so here I am.”

The third year student attends the University of Missouri’s College of Veterinary Medicine and has turned her hobby into a passion. “Veterinary medicine is the perfect mix of science and mystery,” she said. “The animals can’t tell you what is wrong so I really enjoy the challenge.”

Samantha is interested in working with exotic animals but surgery is her craft of choice. She has two blue kitties named Kevin and Baloo, a Beagle named Lily, and a Shih Tzu named Oliver. This southern lady is looking forward to moving out west when she graduates and already has some ideas of where she might want to stake her claim. “I originally planned on Oregon,” Samantha said. “But I’ve only been in Vegas for a week and I fell in love instantly!”