Extern Kristal

Meet our new extern, Kristal!

Kristal joins the team at Craig Road as part of our extern program. Growing up, Kristal had dogs, cats, snakes, and even horses in her hometown of Fredrick, Maryland. She realized at an early age that she not only had a love for science, but an affinity for fixing things as well.

This made her a perfect fit for Veterinary medicine.

At first, she was torn between caring for humans or animals, “When I realized animals didn’t have the same voice humans do to express their concerns, I decided to make the switch.”

Kristal brings three years of experience with small and exotic animals as well as another three years of experience at an emergency clinic. Kristal received her undergrad from University of Maryland College Park and will graduate from the University of Georgia with Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in the Spring of 2017. Her veterinary interests focus primarily on surgery, radiology, and emergency medicine.

In her spare time Kristal enjoys, hiking, horseback riding, skiing, traveling, and rooting for the Washington Redskins.