Meet our Pet of the Month, Toby!

If there is one term to describe this Shiba Inu, it’s high-spirited! “He’s a big dog in a small body,” said his father. “When he plays with our Shepard, he never even seems fazed.” Toby has some athletic attributes as well. Mom says he’s got “mad hops”, mainly because he likes to jump on top of furniture around the house to get a bird’s eye view.

Toby also enjoys keeping his humans up at night. “That’s when he is the most active, but one meal later and you find him passed out in a food coma in the living room,” says mom. His personality doesn’t always match his older sister, a couch potato esque German Shepard. “He tolerates him but will let him know she’s not having it when he tries to play with her,” she said.

The only thing that Toby loves more than attention are his toys. He is often seen running laps around his home dragging his Darth Vader chew toy behind him. His mother says he has about five toys in around him at any time, funny thing is half of them usually belong to his older sister. His mother’s favorite characteristic is his reaction when he is called out for chewing on his dad’s shoes, “For a dog this energetic it’s hilarious to catch him in the act of causing mischief because he literally stands completely still and just smirks at you.”

Congratulations Toby, you’re our pet of the month for December 2016!

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