Meet Stephani our latest DVM Extern,

A Las Vegas native born and raised Stephani is in her final year at Midwestern University for her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Stephani’s choice to enter the field of animal medicine was encouraged by her mother; “You can be a doctor for these animals.”, are the words she remembers as a child that inspired her to pursue this career. Stephani chose to extern at Craig Road Animal Hospital after viewing some other animal hospitals in the area for its size and potential for experience.

Stephani’s passion for this line of work is encouraged by her belief in the human-animal bond, “With the pets being healthy, we’re also helping the humans be healthy.” she stated. Dentistry and internal medicine are two areas that Stephani, in particular, looks forward to learning more about. She is interested in the complexity of internal medicine and feels that diagnosing patients is an exciting part of the job.  Her goal is to eventually focus on anatomical pathology. A veterinary pathologist performs autopsies to determine the cause of death. She explains that it is very rewarding to find a precise diagnosis and to give owners closure when an animal is lost.

Stephani is a proud mother to four animals; two cats, and two dogs. In her spare time, she competes in powerlifting competitions. She hopes to have time to compete for training next spring.

Join us in welcoming Stephani to Craig Road Animal Hospital.