Izzie, a 15-year-old Maltese, was rescued and later adopted by his current family. Upon arriving at his new home, he was a timid 7-month-old puppy weighing less than 2 pounds. Initially fearful of eating, making noise, and unfamiliar with playing with toys, he would curl up into a ball when picked up.

Today, Izzie has transformed into a joyful dog who adores people, other dogs, and cats. He generously shares his toys and treats with his four-legged friends who come to visit. During walks with his mom, Izzie delights in riding in his buggy. Despite his aversion to baths, he surprisingly enjoys the hair dryer. While some may label him as spoiled, his owners insist that he is simply cherished. Every day, his family expresses gratitude and feels blessed to have Izzie enriching their lives.

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