All the doctors and staff would like to welcome Dr. Jennifer Finder and Dr. Dorna Khamsi to Craig Road Animal Hospital.

Jennifer Finder, DVM

Dr. Finder

Dr. Finder grew up in Maryland outside of Washington D.C. She attended the University of Maryland College Park where she received a bachelor’s degree in animal and avian science. Dr. Finder received her doctorate in veterinary medicine from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Before graduating from vet school she worked in small animal practices, in Nevada and in Maryland as a veterinary technician. Before vet school she also worked with a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Dr. Finder is interested in most areas of general practice and surgery. In her spare time, Dr. Finder enjoys playing sports, cooking, and traveling.

She has a very sweet tuxedo colored cat named Jane of the Jungle and has a special affinity for large breed dogs, especially German Shepherds.

Dorna Khamsi, DVM

Dr. Khamsi

Dr. Khamsi spent her childhood in Vancouver, Canada and Boston, Massachusetts. She declared her interested in veterinary medicine at a young age looking after the family chow chow: Wolfy, and by preferring television shows depicting live animals over cartoons.

Dr. Khamsi pursued a mathematics degree at Smith College in Northampton, MA while simultaneously fulfilling her prerequisites for vet school. Between her time at Smith College and vet school, Dr. Khamsi took five years off to work as a veterinary technician in Simpsonville, South Carolina and in veterinary diagnostics and research in Greeley, Colorado. She attended vet school at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. where she discovered an interest in cancer, and cancer treatment which is a continuing area of professional interest.

In her spare time, Dr. Khamsi enjoys being outdoors; skiing, camping, hiking, running, and gardening, and is an avid practitioner of yoga. Dr.

Khamsi also enjoys cooking, and spending time with her Siberian Husky side kick: Gorgi.