Say “hello” to Katelyn, the newest extern to join the team at Craig Road Animal Hospital!

Katelyn is from Utica, Kentucky, and had several dogs and cats growing up. Katelyn said she initially wanted to be a paleontologist when she was younger but changed her mind when she found out that movies like “Jurrasic Park” were fiction. She still had a passion for science, so Katelyn shifted her focus to animal medicine. She’s worked at veterinary clinics in her hometown in the kennels and as a veterinary assistant.

She graduated from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky with a Bachelor’s in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Currently, Katelyn is a 4th-year student at Auburn University and will graduate in a few weeks.

While studying at Auburn, Katelyn was a team leader for the Maderas Rainforest Conservancy All Terrain Vet Team. She and a few other students have traveled to Nicaragua and Costa Rica to perform spays, neuters, and wellness exams. Katelyn has also volunteered with the Rural Area Vet Services near White Mountain, Arizona.

Katelyn said she really enjoys all aspects of animal medicine, but her current favorites are surgery and the business-side of animal clinics. She heard about the externship program at Craig Road after her initial externship in Colorado canceled on her due to the COVID pandemic.

“I asked around, and I heard amazing things about Craig Road,” Katelyn said. “I never would’ve considered Las Vegas as a place to do my externship. I’m really happy I found it!”

In her spare time, Katelyn enjoys hiking, indoor rock climbing, cooking, and refurbishing furniture.

Welcome to the team, Katelyn!