Meet our Pet of the Month, Darcy!

Unlike most of the animals we see, Darcy’s story begins here at Craig Road Animal Hospital.

Darcy was found as a stray by her humans at only a few weeks old. When she was brought into Craig Road, multiple X-Rays were preformed, but the results were shocking to say the least. They revealed that Darcy had fractures to her vertebrae, head, and jaw with multiple fractures to her face. In spite of this situation, Darcy’s owners opted for every and any treatment that would give her back a normal life.

Darcy’s steady recovery has gained the attention of numerous staff at Craig Road. For a kitten that’s been through so much, her temperament is surprisingly welcoming. When she first came in, Darcy would rarely leave the confines of her bed. Now, she makes the effort to get up and greet whoever visits her kennel with licks and purrs. We’re happy to report she’s on her way to making a full recovery!

Congratulations Darcy, you’re our pet of the month for January 2017!

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