Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

Well, it is too late to turn back now!

A nice thing about the open house project has been that we have been able to do a number of things that have been on the jobs list for quite some time. The really great thing about the open house project is that we have a definitive deadline for all involved – things have to be finished by the 28th, preferably well before!

Monday saw our the painting of our boarding suites completed. They are certainly colorful and it made a big difference in that area of the hospital.

Dr. Debbie White being interviewed by Channel Eight’s Denise Valdez.

On Tuesday, the stripping and polishing of our tile floor, which is all the floor for the tours of the hospital was started. Initially scheduled to take two overnights, a problem with a previous wax complicated matters considerably – extending the process to four overnights.

Dr. Tampira and Jessica, on of our veterinary assistants, performing an ear exam under the camera’s watchful gaze.

Wednesday saw the rough draft of the small video project for the open house completed. It also saw the completion of the first draft of our tour script completed.  A second draft was completed on Friday ready for handing off to the staff who will be giving the tours.

Ray, one of our Licensed Veterinary Technicians, being filmed while performing a dental procedure.

Thursday gave us conformation that Denise Valdez from Channel 8 and a cameraman would be coming do do a piece on the hospital and our open house. Lots of excitement ensued and making sure that as much as possible of our open house preparations would be in place. Thankfully, Thursday also saw the installation of our final two infographics – they look fantastic. Our dental infographic in particular looks better printed than it did on the screen – which is rarely the case.

Dr. Mych being filmed while performing a laparoscopic spay.

Friday saw our channel eight visit. Denise and her cameraman were great. Dr. White (also known as radio’s Dr. Debbie) from our sister hospital Lone Mountain Animal Hospital,  did a great interview to camera and I think we got lots of great footage of surgery, exams, and clients. We should see the piece on air on Friday lunch time and later afternoon – just in time for the open house!

Roll on Sunday!

Dr. White (Radio’s Dr. Debbie), and Channel Eight’s Denise Valdez.