Kylie is originally from California, but now makes her home in St. George, Utah. She currently attends University of Arizona College of Veterinary Medicine where she will be a part of the first graduating class in August of 2023. She received her bachelors in animal science at California State University – Chico in Northern California.


Growing up, Kylie was always around animals. Her family had horses, a whole herd of sheep, and a one-eyed corgi named Dandee. From the time that she could talk, Kylie always knew that she wanted to be a veterinarian. “In kindergarten, we had a project where you had to bring in a baby doll and take care of it for the day, and I knew I was different then because I did not have one single doll. So I had to bring a teddy bear and I knew from that moment,” she said.


Kylie was drawn to the program here at Craig Road Animal Hospital because of her interest learning about veterinary medicine for this region as well as her interest in the advanced technologies and surgical techniques used in the hospital.


In her spare time, Kylie enjoys working with youth groups, such as 4H and FFA, and mentoring students who are interested in working with animals. She hopes to help them grow their knowledge and passion around livestock, especially sheep, goats, and horses.