Meet Batman,

This baby Husky is a fun-loving bundle of joy! He was born on February 22nd, 2018, and five weeks later he found his forever home with the Vega family. They describe Batman as, “An all-around love bug.”

Batman never leaves the house without his cape. He stays suited and ready for action! Besides saving the world, Batman is a smart little guy and has already learned how to sit and shake hands. He loves to play with his toys, especially his plush bear he carries with him like a sidekick. Snuggling is how he loves to spend his downtime. His favorite snacks include Natural Balance Mini-Rewards the chicken flavor, and Some of mommy’s pork chops.

Batman’s intelligence and loving personality has earned him a spot as June’s pet- of -the -month. You can all rest easy knowing that Batman is watching over you Las Vegas.