Pet of the Month – July 2020

Our pet of the month for July is Lobo – a handsome Dutch Shepherd who’s excited to do everything! According to his owner, Lobo came to Craig Road Animal Hospital a couple of weeks ago for his shots and to get microchipped. He was a good boy the entire time and didn’t whine or cry, despite Mom and Dad waiting out in the car for him. “A big thank you to the staff for taking care of our sweet Lobo!”…

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The Dangers of Foxtails

This pesky weed, which pops up during the warm, summer months on the West Coast of the U.S., has been known to become embedded in dogs’ paws, between the toes, ears, eyes, and mouth. To read more about foxtails and what you can do to help protect your pet, check out Dr. Whitcraft’s article.

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How Do I Choose The Right Pet Food?

Dr. Kimberly Lutz is an associate veterinarian at Craig Road Animal Hospital in north west Las Vegas. Dr. Lutz discusses the best ways to pick a pet food based on the latest information about “Grain-Free” diets from the FDA.   By Kimberly Lutz, DVM Diet is one of the most effective tools for managing pet health and increasing longevity. Diets can even be used to manage certain disease processes. So how do you pick the right diet given all the…

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Help Senior Pets Stay Healthy with Wellness Bloodwork

Dr. Lucas Budden is an associate veterinarian at Craig Road Animal Hospital in North West Las Vegas, Nevada and is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. In this blog post, Dr. Budden explains why bloodwork and routine lab work are important for the health of senior pets. By Lucas Budden DVM Puppies and kittens tend to get a lot of the attention, but we love our senior patients just as much. They’ve been through a lot…

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Wellness Special!

This special has now ended. Proactive, not reactive.- Junior and Senior Pet wellness. For dogs and cats, the symptoms of illness and aging are not always visible. For our pet’s general well-being and to improve their life and life expectancy we’d like to make sure that your pet looks as good inside as outside Bring your Pet in! For Junior pets, bring in your dog or cat for a physical exam, urinalysis, and major organ blood work screening. We will…

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9 Lousy Facts

At Craig Road Animal Hospital, we have seen an unusually high number of dog lice cases in recent weeks. We thought some information about this parasite might be useful. 

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Pet of the Month – June 2018

Meet Batman, This baby Husky is a fun-loving bundle of joy! He was born on February 22nd, 2018, and five weeks later he found his forever home with the Vega family. They describe Batman as, “An all-around love bug.” Batman never leaves the house without his cape. He stays suited and ready for action! Besides saving the world, Batman is a smart little guy and has already learned how to sit and shake hands. He loves to play with his…

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Dogs and Grapes Don’t Mix

 Dr. Larkin explains the reason your dog cannot eat grapes, and the difference between a toxic presence in the fruit as opposed to a dog’s allergic immune response. By Emilee Larkin, DVM Dogs will eat anything! This is common knowledge to anyone who has ever owned a dog. Although humans find fruit nutritious and healthy, the same cannot always be said for your dog. Even some of the most common household fruits can be toxic to our pets. The toxicity…

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Pet of the Month – April 2018

Meet Eve! Eve was born with a kind and social personality. It is hard to resist her curious nature and beautiful tortoiseshell fur coat. Since the untimely passing of her elder sister she has upheld the kind and loving values instilled by her sibling. Eve now has a new little sister to carry on the unconditional love that was given to her. Eve’s favorite things in the world are cheese and playtime. Her owner says she is always up for…

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Beware the Foxtails

Veterinarian Catherine Whitcraft D.V.M., identifies the potential dangers for your pet with Foxtails in the Las Vegas area and the desert southwest of Nevada in general.   By Catherine Whitcraft, D.V.M. Walking your dog is a daily task that is both beneficial to you and your dog. You both get exercise and quality time together. Nevada is home to deserts, parks, and mountains to explore with your pet. However, Nevada is also home to Hordeum Lubatum, also known as the…

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National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Like most diseases, the earlier it is detected and treated, the better chances of a positive outcome. Here’s an infographic we’ve put together of the things every pet owner should know.

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Pet Of The Month-May 2017

By: Regina T. These adorable puppies belong to Juan and Vanessa of Las Vegas.  DAK (pictured on the left) is a 5-month-old a Pitbull-Shepherd mix.He is full of energy and despite his size, he absolutely loves to play. DAK is a very active puppy and loves to go for runs. 3-month-old BLUE (pictured on the right) is a blue nose, Pitbull. BLUE  is the newest edition to the family. He loves to play as well and to eat as much…

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Hairballs Aren’t Normal

Veterinarian Ukachi Ugorji D.V.M. of Craig Road Animal Hospital in North West Las Vegas identifies the causes and treatment of hairballs in cats. By: Ukachi Ugorgi D.V.M. Cats spend at least half of their waking hours licking themselves. They are trained to groom themselves from birth by watching their mothers. Cats lick themselves for several reasons aside from the obvious motive of hygiene. For them, grooming is a coping mechanism and form of self-comfort when they feel displaced or nervous.…

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Pet of The Month-June

Griffin is a two-year-old Blue Brindle French Bulldog with a playful and loving personality. What makes Griffin unique is his soft caramel brindle color on his blue coat. Owner Brianna, says “He gets along with all dogs and just always wants to play.” He’s had a few obstacles dealing with his health but that hasn’t stopped him from just being a puppy. “Griffin has had everything from vaccinations, neuter, soft palate surgery, and stenotic nares surgery. He is currently getting…

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Stress, Anxiety, Fireworks, & the Fourth of July

Veterinarian Kurt Mychajlonka D.V.M. of Craig Road Animal Hospital in North West Las Vegas explains why dogs fear fireworks and a variety of ways to get them safely through the Fourth of July holiday. By: Kurt Mychajlonka D.V.M.  The Fourth of July is an undeniably stressful holiday for dogs, as the sight and sound of fireworks erupting throughout the day and well into the night can be terrifying for your pet.  Fear of loud noises is a natural response for…

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Itchy Pets- Allergies in Cats & Dogs

Veterinarian Dr. Andrew Koenitzer of Craig Road Animal Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, discusses causes, symptoms, and treatment of allergies in cats and dogs.  Allergies, or an allergic reaction, is the body’s immune system over reacting to something it comes into contact with. Allergies are incurable. To treat allergies, it is only possible to manage the symptoms of an allergic reaction. Types of allergies in dogs and cats include food, environmental, flea contact, and allergic reactions to drugs.  Due to…

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Pet of the Month – September 2017

Meet Blue, a one-year-old Boxer. While blue knows many tricks, owner Alyssa revealed that his favorite trick is counting and that he can even understand her counting in both Spanish and French. Blue’s favorite foods are hot dogs and steak. His favorite activity is playing with his special squeaky toy. Alyssa says, “Blue plays with squeaky balls until they no longer squeak, no matter how long it takes.”   Blue is extremely affectionate and loves to cuddle. “His tail wiggles in…

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Pet of The Month – October 2017

  Meet Cosmo, a twelve- week- old male Miniature Bull Terrier. Cosmo was born July, 28th 2017. He loves to play, and sleep. What makes Cosmo special is his egg-shaped head, his slanted eyes, his big personality and his soft brown color. Cosmo’s favorite activities include playing, running, and terrorizing his housemate and mom Sasha. “Cosmo is a very loving and affectionate puppy,” says owner Stacey,” he’s also very stubborn and “bull-headed.” Although Cosmo doesn’t know any tricks yet he…

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Pet of The Month – November 2017

Meet Nalah, After a family friend had puppies, Nalah became a member of the family. Nalah is a ten-week-old Tree Hound Husky mix. Her favorite activity is playing with her older housemate, a four-year-old lab mix named Coby. “They literally can spend hours playing with toys together,” her owners said. Nala’s bold blue eyes and a soft brown coat are what makes her unique.“Her eyes are pretty breathtaking, it’s like she can look into your soul.”Nala is a very affectionate…

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