Adopted from China, Kara grew up in South Jersey where her love for animals was ignited at a young age.

Her passion was fueled by countless trips to the library, immersing herself in various animal books. Despite her father’s allergy to cats, which limited her to having furry pets, she found joy in caring for her hermit crabs and fish.

As Kara grew older, her proficiency in science and mathematics drew her towards the field of veterinary medicine. Her curiosity led her to shadow a professional in the veterinary field, an experience that solidified her determination to pursue this career path.

She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Delaware in 2020 and is currently enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, expecting to graduate in May 2024.

During her externship, Kara is excited to gain diverse perspectives from various doctors and learn from unique cases. She is also excited about exploring the Las Vegas food scene.

In her downtime, Kara enjoys exercising, reading, and listening to alternative music. She shares a special bond with her two golden retrievers, Zany and Stella, whom she raised through the Seeing Eye program based in New Jersey.