Please welcome Ashley, the newest extern at Craig Road Animal Hospital!

Growing up, Ashley’s family moved all over Michigan and didn’t stay in any one place too long. Even as a little girl, Ashley loved animals and wanted to do what she could to help them feel better. At the age of five, Ashly decided she wanted to pursue the veterinary career path.

Ashley obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Fisheries and Wildlife from the school she still attends, Michigan State University. She is in her third year and will graduate in 2023

While Ashley has ventured far from home to volunteer at Hagyard Equine in Lexington, Kentucky and in a Wildlife Sanctuary in Texas, Craig Road Animal Hospital will be her first externship. She learned about the externship program from a classmate.  Ashely looks forward to seeing how animal medicine differs from the east and west sides of the United States. She is fascinated how differing areas effect how and what diseases spread in animals.

Ashely loves to travel and explore for the most part. She looks forward to what Las Vegas has to offer. When at home, Ashley likes to read books, play volleyball and hang out with her friends.

Welcome to the team, Ashley! We’re happy to have you here!