Have you ever noticed the many different colors we wear in our hospital? It may seem like we get to wear the color of our choice, but there actually is a reason behind each one.
So what does each hue represent? Well for one thing the colors show which department we are part of. And it tells you a lot about that staff member’s position within Craig Road Animal Hospital.

By Tianna Winters

You see the maroon color on our Customer Service Representatives. They deal with our clients and are the first friendly face that you see. Our representatives wear many hats. They can be a greeters, cashiers, or work in our phone room. Customer Service representatives are also the first staff members to handle your pet.

Our Exam Room Assistants wear green. They are here to provide support for our doctors and clients. They are responsible for collecting any information on our patients, providing exams, treatments, and outpatient care. This group also takes special care when communicating with pet owners for follow ups on the status of our patients to provide the best experience possible.

Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians and our Veterinary Technicians in Training wear navy. LVTs assist our doctors with the care of the animals and sometimes scrub into surgeries. This position is very hands on when dealing with the care of our patients. This is typically why most LVT’s love their job because they get to have so much interaction with the animals. Our LVT’s must be a graduate from an accredited veterinary technology school, pass the National Veterinary Technician exam and be licensed in the state of Nevada.

Our Veterinary Assistants can be seen wearing royal blue. VA’s will assist our doctors by maintaining the facilities for the animals, and the animals themselves. They monitor patient’s behavior, and deal directly with animal management and care. Although legally you do not need a qualification be a veterinary assistant, at Craig Road we usually require a Veterinary Assistant Certificate which takes a year to earn.

Sky blue can be found on our Animal Care Takers who have the important job of taking care and handling our boarding pets, maintaining a clean and healthy area for our boarders, and ensuring that the same loving care as if they were at home.

Regardless of the color we wear, our number one priority at Craig Road Animal Hospital is the care of your pet. It is a trait that can be easily found in each department because we love your animals as much as you do. Some members of our staff are able to jump in and help a different department because we cross-train. We want all of our staff to be as knowledgeable as possible so that you can receive speedy and consistent quality care. Thank you for choosing Craig Road Animal Hospital, we can’t wait to see you again.