Meet Cosmo, a twelve- week- old male Miniature Bull Terrier.

Cosmo was born July, 28th 2017. He loves to play, and sleep. What makes Cosmo special is his egg-shaped head, his slanted eyes, his big personality and his soft brown color. Cosmo’s favorite activities include playing, running, and terrorizing his housemate and mom Sasha.

“Cosmo is a very loving and affectionate puppy,” says owner Stacey,” he’s also very stubborn and “bull-headed.” Although Cosmo doesn’t know any tricks yet he does begin puppy school at the end of October.

Stacey says “Cosmo makes us all smile and laugh a lot. Every day he’s growing, getting bigger, and learning new things, we are very grateful to have Cosmo.”

Congratulations Cosmo! You’re our Pet of The Month!