Carter is from Munro, Louisiana.

It was not Carter’s plan to become a veterinarian. He attended Louisiana State University thinking of going into physical therapy or human medicine. “I shadowed people in both fields and it just did not feel right,” said Carter. “So, I was in my final semester of a kinesiology degree and I started to see what the requirements were for me to go into vet school.”
Carter stayed at LSU for his doctorate in Veterinary medicine, and is now in his final year. “I always had animals growing up,” said Carter. “I’ve always loved animals so this feel right.” During his time at school, he has also worked for an adoption agency in Baton Rouge, who take dogs out of shelters and find foster homes or permanent homes for them.

Carter learned about the externship program at Craig Road after hearing our Hospital Administrator, Mike Falconer, give a talk in 2018. Carter is looking forward to learning at Craig Road, but also looking forward to becoming more confident. He is interested in all areas of general practice, but if he had to pick internal medicine, dentistry, and dermatology are what he particularly looks forward to.

In his spare time, Carter used to play soccer four times a week; however, these days he likes to spent time outdoors and with his fiancée with whom he shares two dogs: A five-year-old Golden Retriever mix named Maverick, and a mutt of indeterminate age who wandered up to their house one day.

Welcome to Craig Road Animal Hospital Carter!