Meet Lucy!

Lucy is an 11-year-old, Italian Greyhound and Jack Russell Terrier mix.  She is described by her owner as ‘extremely special’ and ‘very intelligent’, as she was a gift from a ‘special someone’ and responds to both Spanish and English.  Lucy enjoys going for car rides, living-room parkour, and hanging out with her best friend, P-Nut.  And in keeping with true Valentine’s spirit- spending time with her ‘boyfriend’ Rex.

According to her owner, Lucy was so scared when they first met that she actually climbed a chain link fence trying to get out of her yard.  However, her owner explains that ‘shortly thereafter, she took to me, and we have been best friends ever since’, and that her life would be ‘very empty without her funny self, and mostly her company’.

Congratulations to Lucy for being our Pet of The Month for February 2019!

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