Please welcome Jackie, the newest extern to join the Craig Road Animal Hospital team!

Jackie is a fourth-year veterinary medical student at Louisiana State University (LSU) and will graduate in May 2021. A native of Little Rock, Arkansas, Jackie had mostly cats growing up. She and her parents adopted their family dog when she was in the 8th grade. Jackie’s parents are both doctors, and she said she briefly considered going into human medicine for her career.

“I always wanted to be a doctor of some sort, and I figured my love for animals outweighed my love for people,” Jackie said. “I felt veterinary medicine was more along my lines than human medicine was.”

Jackie graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s in Equine Science and Management. She said she considered working with horses before attending veterinary school, but decided she loved horses as a hobby and wanted to keep horses as a hobby. She said she’s most interested in cardiology in regard to animal medicine.

After graduating from the University of Kentucky, Jackie took a gap year and worked as a research technician in a research lab. She also volunteered at a local shelter during her undergrad, as well as a few clinics to make sure veterinary medicine was the right fit for her.

Jackie said she heard about the externship program during a talk at LSU and called up her family who live in Las Vegas and asked them about Craig Road. According to Jackie, her family had nothing but wonderful things to say about Craig Road. She said she’s most looking forward to working on client communication and dentistry during her externship.

In her spare time, Jackie enjoys powerlifting and competes in powerlifting whenever she can. She said she has a competition in May that she’s really looking forward to. She has two long-haired domestic cats named Munch and Moot, and a Collie named Fitz.

Welcome to the team, Jackie!