For almost a year now, Craig Road Animal Hospital has been sending out surveys to every client who brings a pet to Craig Road and who has given us an email address . Hospital Administrator, Mike Falconer, talks about why, and introduces some results for July and August 2013.

Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator


By Mike Falconer

Apologies for the delay is posting July’s survey results but as a bonus, we have also added August!

Looking at the two months together we can see that we have built in August on the trends set in July. A couple of our top level metrics dropped a little, however we were able to make improvements in areas when we were having problems. For example, we were able to raise the top “Extremely” rating in answer to “How likely would you be to refer a friend?” by 3% in July and an additional 1% in August. We were also able to reverse a trend with “value for money” being “poor, that had bumped up 0.3% in July and we were happy to see it drop 1.1% in August.

We share these comments throughout the hospital, and use them extensively for staff feedback and training. We try to respond to any concerns as soon as we receive them – we want and need your feedback and we continue to appreciate you filling out our surveys and for reviewing us online. As always, a big thank you to everyone who gave us feedback – even the negative ones – they really do help us, and make sure that we are on the right track.

We have added a few of our favorite client comments from July and August below.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or leave us a message in the comments below!

We are a little jaded by online review sites, however, that does not mean that we don’t like getting reviews. You can find us on Yelp here, or Google here.



Clareesa M.

Thank you for taking such great care of me and my dog… You are always extremely informative!!

Rizalino B.

Thank you very much for taking care of Precious. I will surely recommend to my friends your animal hospital. My wife and I will have no worries on Precious whenever we go on vacation again.

Jason J.

I have been a frequent customer at Craig road for 3 years and the staff all remembers myself and both of my dogs. I couldn’t ask for anything better when it comes to my dogs.

Andrea S.

I am so glad that I was referred to Craig Road Animal Hospital by the other military personnel I work with because they really care about my dog. They found a medical issue never identified in the 6 years I’ve owned her and the hours are the best. I can get appointments that fit my schedule. They are also really military friendly.

Karissa S.

I loved Dr. Tampira immediately. She seems extremely knowledgeable and caring of animals.

Harriett F.

Love Dr. Stone. Also really like the TV (?) set up you have. It is very informative. Have been going to Craig Road for years and have no intention of going anywhere else. Did I mention, I love Dr. Stone!!

Ramona D.

This facility is amazing, the doctors and staff are wonderful. thank you for the amazing services you provide to the loves of my life.

Sally C.

I have been bringing my doxie’s (7 of them) to Craig Road for a great number of years. Would not go anywhere else

Bruce S.

I am always pleased with the care that we receive and was very happy with the entire staff. I believe that Dr. Byers is a great addition the staff.

Terri D.

I am so very pleased with the staff and service, the Doctors and technicians. My dogs like Dr Whitcraft so much, they do not stress out like they used to in the Vet’s office. I am just very pleased to have found you for my kids.

Jose C.

My husband and I came in a few nights ago after discovering some open and infected sores on our dog, Woody. We came in 15 minutes before closing time at about 9:45 expecting terrible customer service (since that is usually what happens when you go into an establishment right before closing). To our surprise, all of the employees were friendly and accommodating. Our vet, Dr. Fillerup, was very knowledgeable and spent amble time with my husband and I, answering all of our questions. To top off our great experience- the whole visit was only $68!!!! Wow!! We were expecting to pay a whole lot more. Needless to say, our experience was amazing. We will definitely be referring our friends and family to your establishment. We have found a vet for our dog, Woody. Thanks Craig Road Animal Hospital 🙂

Romeo R.

Nice to have an animal hospital nearby which is open until late in the evening. Melissa also has been very friendly and very helpful.

Sophie R.

The doctors and staff at Craig Road are incredible! I expect great care for my dogs and my expectations have been met each and every time they have been seen and cared for at Craig Road. They have more than earned my trust and admiration.

Juliana S.

Felt very at ease with doctors and staff made me feel comfortable with leaving my animal

there. They all showed him abundant attention every time the brought him in to me and told me how much they liked my dog. They were caring, kind and very attentive. Thinking about bringing my other dogs to them as well

Chalene M.

I decided to use Craig Road for boarding because Sherri from Vegas Shepherd Rescue is there with the dogs daily. The staff are kind and courteous. They took lots of information about Guinness. Guinness will be boarding again this month I wish I would have known that there is a suite option but perhaps I should have told them he was a big dog.. This time he will have the big suite. . I feel very confident entrusting Guinness to the friendly staff at Craig Road.

Deanna D.

Everyone was very friendly and professional. The Vet even emailed me the estimates i asked for which was great. I will come again. Thank you for the Great Service. 🙂

Adam L.

My GSD’s go nuts if I say “Go see Dr. Hagstette” you would think I was offering a T-Bone steak. They just love her and Juliet. when I open the car door in your parking lot, they race to the door and (in canine talk) say, let me in, let me in. A week ago, Hunter had to go to a better place and the care, sympathy, condolences bestowed on Nutmeg and I was unbelievable. So much consideration by the staff and Dr. Witchcraft who attended Hunter that night with great compassion. God bless all of you. If only you cared for humans, I would be a devoted patient.

Jamia G.

Thank you for being available 24 hours to help when there is a pet emergency!

Rose M.

I really appreciate the niceness and professionalism of your staff. I transferred all my pets to this facility. Thank you so much !!!!

Cynthia S.

We have been taking Max and Jack to Craig Road Animal Hospital for a number of years and every visit has been professional. We wish the entire a sincere “Thank You”.

Peggy M.

One important thing to me is the cleanliness of your business. It is always clean the place smells fresh. This is why I always have and always will continue to use your establishment. Thanks for a great job!

Elaine S.

Visiting from Florida, staying at RV campground at Nellis AFB, was referred by the vet clinic on base to your clinic as being able to see us without an appt & would provide quality care. The staff and doctor were professional, caring and the diagnosis and medication given immediately improved the digestive problems of our Himalayan kitty, Sara, making all of us extremely relieved & happy. We (including Sara) recommend this clinic to travelers and locals for their pet care. Thank you!

Judy D.

Thank You So Much for Making Bear feel so good and at ease, the Dr. and the Assistants was so patient with him, he is so not wanting to be there and we had to wrangle him and hair was stuck to everyone and it was so funny to think it takes three people to get a Husky to do what we needed and he was not having it that day! You All are the Sweetest Bunch!

Amy F.

Everyone is super friendly, the lobby & exam rooms are well kept & clean. I especially like being able to pay in the exam room so I don’t have to worry about controlling my dog while signing the statement.

Adriana M.

Dr. Daniels is an excellent vet and always so wonderful and sweet when we come in to see her. The office staff and vet assistants are always very professional and polite! We love Craig Road Animal Hospital!

Donna C.

Boarding staff is amazing, I am never worried to leave Sierra, Thanks.

Teresa L.,

I extremely enjoy the staff. They know my animals when we come in. My Destiny and Kuma are excited when we pull in the parking lot to see the Doctors, nurses and supporting staff.

Keep up the great work.

Derek D.

I have been bringing my pets to Craig Road Animal Hospital for 20 years and they have always been kind, courteous, and totally professional. They have a great staff, fantastic, knowledgeable vets, and wonderful care for any type of animal.

Renee D.

It was great! because they took such good care of my boy when I had to bring him in to be put down and the care you all took to make sure that he was handled with such care. it was great I didn’t even get a chance to sit down, why can’t our world take the time like you do to be compassionate to humans and their companions like you do, I’m grateful for your care and service.

Jan W.

Craig Road Animal Hospital is the best! I’ve been coming here for 15+ years will all my dogs. Dr. Mych is so knowledgeable about all the different breeds. He really knows his stuff. The staff is very friendly and polite. Always helpful and ready to answer any questions you might have. And if they can’t answer your question, they will find out who can and will get you an answer. Highly recommend Craig Road Animal Hospital.

Nancy W.

I can not express how much you have done for Dylan! Everyone is so very nice and helpful with all the problems that he had. Every time we come in it’s been Great! Thank you so much.

Kenneth E.

We have been a customer of Craig Road Animal Hospital since it opened. We have always & continue to be satisfied with the quality of care & quality of all the staff.

Christina A.

I have taken my puppy there since I got her and would not take her anywhere else. I love the service everyone is so friendly.