My name is Zeus
August 2010
I am a Rottweiler and Australian Sheppard Mix. My parents adopted me and my brother Brutus when we were just 8 weeks old. On August 23rd, I will be 11 years old. My brother Brutus unfortunately passed away a few years ago from cancer and I still miss him. I have had a few issues myself including hip surgery, knee surgery, arthritis and recently I found out that I had cancer too. Luckily Dr. Mych was able to make it go away and I am thankful to him and all the doctors and staff at Craig Road Animal Hospital. I love coming to Craig Road Animal Hospital because I always receive extra attention from all the staff. When my mom isn’t looking I get extra treats from a few of my special friends! Everyone there is so nice…I don’t think my mom would ever take me anywhere else and I would not want her too. Thank you to everyone for making me feel better and making every trip to Craig Road Animal Hospital special for me!