Craig Road Animal Hospital Externship Program: Tyron

Welcome to our newest extern, Tyron! Tyron, originally from Anchorage, Alaska and later raised in Tacoma, Washington, discovered his passion for animals during a hot Alaskan summer when he was just 8 years old. Witnessing a dog chained up in a backyard without water in the summer heat, he felt a strong desire to make a difference for animal lives. Throughout his life, Tyron has sought out numerous volunteer opportunities, including a high school program that assisted community members with…

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Craig Road Externship Program: Tatiana

Hailing from Las Vegas, Tatiana’s passion for animals was sparked by her childhood experiences. Growing up in a neighborhood where she witnessed animal neglect, she felt a deep-seated desire to make a difference, but she was too young to take action. These early experiences ignited her passion for working with animals and led her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She went to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, where she completed her undergraduate studies and further pursued…

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Craig Road Externship Program: Kara

Adopted from China, Kara grew up in South Jersey where her love for animals was ignited at a young age. Her passion was fueled by countless trips to the library, immersing herself in various animal books. Despite her father’s allergy to cats, which limited her to having furry pets, she found joy in caring for her hermit crabs and fish. As Kara grew older, her proficiency in science and mathematics drew her towards the field of veterinary medicine. Her curiosity…

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Pet of the Month- April 2024

Introducing the pet of the month for April 2024, Wilma! Rescued from a puppy mill at just nine months old, Wilma celebrated her first birthday in October 2023. Described by her family as both the sweetest and goofiest of puppies, she has a knack for instantaneously capturing hearts. Wilma not only brings immense joy to her family but also radiates happiness to all she meets. Her affection extends beyond humans, embracing animals with the same warmth. Wilma is the type…

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Craig Road Externship Program: Sarah

Sarah, a Las Vegas native, developed a passion for animals at an early age. Her love for animals was fostered through frequent visits to the library, where she watched animal shows like Eyewitness. Additionally, her time spent at her grandparents’ farm in Paraguay, where she would assist with the care of cows, horses, and chickens, played a pivotal role in shaping her love for animals. Growing up with dogs further fueled Sarah’s interest in veterinary medicine, sparking her dream of…

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Pet of the Month-December 2023

Introducing our December 2023 Pet of the Month- Pômaika’i! Meet Pômaika’i, a charming Tibetan Spaniel born in Hawaii. After a move to Las Vegas with his parents, Pômaika’i has embraced the city life. This adventurous pup enjoys hiking, frolicking in the snow, and embarking on spontaneous road trips. While he may not be a fan of baths, his heart belongs to the ocean. Pômaika’i is not just a dog; he’s a social media sensation! You can follow his amazing adventures…

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Jernea Bustria, D.V.M.

Welcome to our newest doctor, Dr. Bustria! Jernea Bustria, DVM, was born into a military family in Japan, and moved to San Diego at the age of three. Her deep affection for her family poodle, Cruiser, ignited a passion for animal care at a young age. She knew since elementary school that working with animals was what she wanted to do for her career. As she grew older, she dedicated much of her time to volunteering, serving as an adoption…

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Craig Road Externship Program: Daegan

Daegan, originally from Dallas, Texas, developed a profound love for animals at a young age. His household was filled with exotic animals, including ferrets, parakeets, an iguana, and even a boa constrictor, all of which fueled his fascination. The turning point came during an elementary school career day when students were encouraged to dress as their future selves. Daegan’s choice to dress as a veterinarian on that day marked the beginning of his remarkable journey. Daegan embarked on his educational…

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Craig Road Externship Program: Silvestrelvidio

Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, Silvestrelvidio had a childhood filled with diverse animal companions, including dogs, birds, rabbits, mice, and even a crab. His frequent visits to his family’s farm in Guatemala exposed him to cows, chickens, pigs, and various other livestock, instilling in him a deep love and respect for animals from an early age. As he entered adulthood, Silvestrelvidio initially set out to pursue a career in veterinary medicine but ultimately took a different path…

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Pet of the Month- November 2023

Introducing Our November 2023 pet of the month: Tiberius! Tiberius, the loyal companion who joined his owner’s life 13 years ago, has remained a steadfast presence ever since. His unwavering devotion and zest for life shine through in his love for solving intricate feeder puzzles, his enthusiasm for stroller rides through the park, and his charming habit of offering heartwarming high fives.

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Craig Road Externship Program: Stephanie

Stephanie, originally from Los Angeles, knew at a young age her heart was set on working with animals, a passion that ignited by cinematic classics such as The Lion King and 101 Dalmatians. Although her parents initially had reservations about having pets, Stephanie’s relentless determination, coupled with persistent pleas, eventually led them to granting her the companionship of a rabbit, birds, and a dog. Her academic pursuits took her to the University of California, San Diego, where she pursued her…

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Craig Road Animal Hospital Externship Program: Kylie

Kylie, originally from the southeastern region of Michigan, has a deep-rooted connection to nature. During her childhood, she had a diverse array of animal companions, including a black lab, turtles, frogs, and an assortment of fish. In addition, she nurtured a fascination for horses, which later in life ignited her passion for equine medicine,. Her journey to becoming a veterinarian was a path she longed for, yet she found herself in a state of denial for some time. It wasn’t…

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Craig Road Animal Hospital Externship Program: Jade

Jade, a Saylorsburg, PA native, developed a love for animals while growing up, caring for her two Shih Tzu dogs. As she matured, her passion for medicine also blossomed. Her passion originally led her on a path to becoming a human doctor, which she pursued during her early college years. However, during her junior year of college, she had an epiphany and discovered her true calling as a veterinarian. Her desire to merge her love for medicine, animals, and aiding…

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Craig Road Animal Hospital Externship Program: John

John is from sunny Tustin, California, where he grew up surrounded by an assortment of pets – five cats, three dogs, fish, and six chickens. His passion for animals ignited in the fifth grade, paving the way for his dream of becoming a veterinarian. After studying at the University of California Santa Cruz, John is now pursuing his veterinary doctorate at the University of Arizona School of Veterinary Medicine, and is set to graduate in August of 2024. When he’s…

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Stella Has Emergency Caesarean to Save Puppies!

  In this video, we share Stella’s heart-pounding journey through an emergency C-section at Craig Road Animal Hospital. Witness the incredible expertise of the veterinary team as they pull out all the stops to save Stella and her adorable puppies. It is important to learn the signs and signals that indicate when your beloved furry friend might need a C-section. From struggling labor to distressing symptoms, knowing the signs can make all the difference in ensuring the well-being of both…

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Emanoel DeJesus, D.V.M.

Dr. Emanoel DeJesus grew up in Maryland and always had a passion for animals. In college, volunteering at an animal shelter made him realize he wanted to become a veterinarian. He attended Michigan State University for veterinary school after taking a couple years after college to confirm his career path. Dr. DeJesus appreciates how unpredictable being a veterinarian is and that he gets to help animals who cannot communicate what is wrong. He had a beagle growing up and now…

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Sydney Dockery, D.V.M.

Dr. Sydney Dockery grew up in Jonesboro, Georgia. Since elementary school, she has wanted to be an animal doctor. Growing up, she was surrounded by pets, like her grandmother’s poodle and a chow. This pushed her to learn how to properly care for animals. Dr. Dockery attended Augusta University for her undergrad, Georgia State for her Masters, and Tuskegee University for her DVM. She now has multiple pets including a pit bull named Ice Cube, a cat named Snoop Dogg,…

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Pet of the Month – August 2023

Meet our Pet of the Month for August 2023, Hera! Hera came to Craig Road Animal Hospital for an emergency visit and was seen by Dr. Ugorji .Hera was in pain, and poor girl didn’t want to put weight on her back legs. An X-ray was done, and confirmed tearing of the  cranial cruciate ligament. Dr. Ugorji (and amazing staff) were so kind and compassionate! Dr. Ugorji reassured my husband and I, and provided her knowledge without surgical intervention to…

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Craig Road Animal Hospital Externship Program: Peter

Peter grew up in Paterson, New Jersey. As a child, he had a pet guinea pig named Cookie. Peter knew from a young age that he loved animals, but it wasn’t until high school that he realized he wanted to preserve the human-animal bond as a veterinarian. He attended Montclair State University for his undergraduate degree and is now attending St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine. He expects to graduate in January 2024. Peter heard about the externship program…

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Craig Road Animal Hospital Externship Program: Veronica

Veronica is originally from Puerto Rico and is currently enrolled at University of Glasgow Veterinary School where she will be graduating Summer of 2025. She received her Bachelor of Science at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. Veronica’s family has always had pets and, growing up with all different species, she has always had a love for animals. She currently has a dog, a Pitbull Mix. Veronica always knew she wanted to be involved with animals, but she said,…

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