Natalie is originally from Pennsylvania and is currently enrolled at UC Davis where she will be graduating in May of 2023. She received her undergraduate degree in Animal Science at Ohio State University.

Natalie has always known that she wants to go into veterinary medicine, but it was her experience working in an animal hospital in Columbus, Ohio that really solidified her decision. “It was the first time that I had worked long term in a hospital and not just shadowed doctors. I was actually getting to do things and really be a part of it all, and I just loved it,” she said.

Currently, Natalie does not have any pets of her own at school, but she said that she “shares custody” of a cat named Oscar who her mom is taking care of back home, and she had a dog and cat when she was younger.

Outside of her studies and caring for animals, Natalie enjoys reading all kinds of books. She, her mother, and her sisters will often read murder mysteries and recommend them to each other. Natalie also enjoys doing crafts such as crochet and DIY projects.