Fancy is a fun loving 1-year-old Rottweiler. Her energy is only matched by her curiosity. Her favorite activity is running and playing fetch. At the park, you can find her chasing her own shadow. Fancy’s mom April says she’s great with kids, and at times, thinks she is a kid herself. “When we get home, she will run onto the couch and wait for her mommy to give her love-bunny kisses.”
Fancy loves to snack on carrots and her favorite fruit is strawberries. She also has an unusual hobby, Fancy likes to collect water bottle tops to store under the couch. If you’re drinking a bottled water she’ll wait by your side to collect her prize.
“Fancy tilts her head and waits patiently by the door when I tell her we are going to the doctors at Craig Road,” April says, “We are so blessed to have Fancy in our lives and anyone that meets her tends to fall in love.” Fancy’s Instagram page @fancytherottie is filled with pictures of her many adventures with mom April.

Congratulations Fancy you’re our Pet of the Month July 2017!

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