Welcome our newest extern at Craig Road Animal Hospital: Kylie!

Kylie grew up in Michigan, surrounded by animals such as horses, pigs, cows, dogs, and cats. Being surrounded by so many animals sparked her love for animal medicine. “I’ve wanted to be a vet since I was as little as I can remember. Michigan State was always the goal,” she recalled.

For undergraduate, Kylie attended Michigan State University and is currently enrolled in the College of Veterinary Medicine. Her ultimate goal is large animal surgery and she wants to work with horses. “I did a summer fellowship my second year, […] I grew up with horses but I didn’t know I wanted to do equine medicine until that moment. I was like “oh my goodness, this is it!”

Externships have taken Kylie all over the country. She has externed in Colorado, Alaska, Mexico, New York and now Las Vegas. “They have been beautiful and amazing experiences. I’ve had a blast!” Because of these externships, Kylie has been able to work on all kinds of animals from dogs to donkeys.

In her free time, Kylie likes to work out and explore hiking trails. She would also like to get back into horseback riding one day. Kylie currently has two orange cats named Simba and Nala. “Nala came from a dairy farm at a previous rotation of mine!” Kylie states.