Taylor was born and raised in Richmond, Kentucky.  Growing up, she had numerous pets, including dogs, cats, turtles, frogs, and a horse named Daisy.  Taylor knew she wanted to be a veterinarian at the age of seven, when she rehabilitated a bird in her backyard.  She attended Morehead State University in Kentucky for her undergrad, with a major in veterinary science.  Taylor is currently in her fourth year at The Royal Veterinary College in London, United Kingdom, getting her doctorate in veterinary medicine.

Taylor became interested in Craig Road Animal Hospital after receiving information from Mike, our hospital administrator.  Both the size of the facility and the many doctors on staff appeal to her, as does a busy, fast-paced environment.  She looks forward to becoming a veterinarian simply because she doesn’t want to be anything else, and hopes to one day improve clinical problem solving as it applies to identifying gold standard care vs. financially feasible treatment.

When stateside, Taylor enjoys spending time with her family in Kentucky and their dog, two cats, and five chickens, including Chuck, a flamboyant cockerel who loves taking selfies with his owners.

Welcome, Taylor to Craig Road Animal Hospital!