Craig Road Animal Hospital in North West Las Vegas, offers tours of  their facility to interested individuals, groups, and educational establishments. Hospital Administrator Mike Falconer discusses these tours and what visitors can expect to see. 

Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

By Mike Falconer

Craig Road Animal Hospital is one of the largest and busiest animal hospitals in the Las Vegas Valley. Open seven days and week and seeing up to 150 pets a day, Craig Road Animal Hospital is staffed by 11 doctors and a total staff of 65.

Craig Road Animal Hospital offers tour to individuals, groups and educational establishments who have an interest in seeing the daily operation of a large professional veterinary hospital  as well as the behind the scenes of animal care. The hospital has been designed to facilitate tours while providing a safe and educational experience for young and old alike.

Tours at Craig Road Animal Hospital are a mixture of information and the day-to-day operations of an animal hospital.

As well as seeing the facilities, services and equipment that a modern animal hospital provides, a tour of Craig Road Animal Hospital will also explain the why of many of the procedures of veterinary medicine. Each tour is unique and is tailored to the interests and age level of those in the tour. Visitors will have the chance to ask questions and talk with the staff – including doctors. We can also incorporate class project materials and focus on particular subjects, and arrange for additional materials depending on the needs of any particular group or tour.

Dr. Mychajlonka performing a Lap Spay.

In addition to lots of dogs and cats, Craig Road Animal Hospital features the high technology side of veterinary medicine with endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery, ultrasound, digital radiography, digital dental radiography, Laser Therapy and in house laboratory.

Each tour at Craig Road Animal Hospital is unique and can be tailored for the needs of the group.

There are no charges for tours and dates and times are flexible.

If you are interested in a tour of Craig Road Animal Hospital as an individual please just ask any of our staff. If you are interested in a tour for a group, school, or any other organization please contact Hospital Administrator Mike Falconer  discuss your needs and scheduling.