Sam is from New Jersey but has lived in Manhattan, North Carolina, and Florida. He is currently studying his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Louisiana State University, and will be graduating this year.

Sam found he wanted to pursue a career in animal care during a family trip to Yellowstone National Park. During his visit he met the Yellowstone Park Wild Life Veterinarian, and that inspired a lifelong love of wildlife.

Las Vegas has always been a place of interest to Sam, a fellow student, and friend, highly recommended an externship at Craig Road Animal Hospital to him. He is excited to absorb all the experience that Craig Road has to offer due to the size of the facility. He looks forward to working in depth with dentistry and ultrasound.

Sam is father to a Bearded Dragon name “Caravaggio”, after the renowned Italian painter. In his spare time, Sam enjoys playing video games and board games with his wife.

Please join us in welcoming Sam to Craig Road Animal Hospital.