Our Pet of the Month for February 2016 is Rocky!

Meet Rocky, a Pomeranian and Brussels Griffon mix. But mom, Christy, says don’t let his little angel face fool you. Mom says that he’s “ a little a**hole and Tasmanian devil and asshole all in one.” Yes, not only is he very energetic, Rocky likes to chew up everything…remotes, CD’s, toys. Mom took him in after her granddaughter decided he might be too much for her, and after he chewed up all of her shoes. And it was love at first sight. Mom says he’s mellowed out over the years but he’s still a very active pup. Just four years old and Rocky dominates obstacle courses and loves playing fetch. Rocky may be a little bit of a misfit but he fits right in with mom and she loves him dearly. Congratulations Rocky, you’re our February Pet of the Month!