We would like to welcome Dr. Celia Galante as a now associate veterinarian to Craig Road Animal Hospital.

Dr. Galante was raised in St Louis, IL. She attended Arizona State University for her Bachelors in Biological Science. She then attended University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine for her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Galanti had a love for animals since the age of five. She would bring all types of wildlife home to her parents whenever she had the chance. The first profession she imagined making a career out of was a veterinarian and she solidified her decision at the age of nineteen. Dr. Galanti finds client education to be one of the most important aspects of being a veterinarian. She has witnessed a lot of animals not get the treatment they need.

Dr. Galanti wasn’t cut out for the cold weather of the Midwest. After attending college in Arizona, she fell in love with the Southwest. Craig Road Animal Hospital peaked her interest due to the size of the facility, and the number of doctors on staff. She intends to collaborate with the other doctors to pull their collective knowledge to help her patients. She also finds Craig Road Animal Hospitals emphasis on workplace culture to be very important. She looks forward to polishing her skills in surgery, preventative medicine, and ophthalmology.

When Dr. Galanti has spare time she enjoys hiking, CrossFit, baking, cooking, jigsaw puzzles, but she is not opposed to staying in and binge watching a show on Netflix. She is a mother to four big dogs: Goose, Ellie, Luna, and Mellow.

Welcome to Craig Road Animal Hospital Dr. Galanti.