Jenny Hails from Federal Way, Washington, which is south of Seattle.

During high school, Jenny found that she was most comfortable in her science classes where she always asked questions and was a very curious student. Coupled with a love of animals, her affinity for science meant that going to school to become a veterinarian was a natural choice.

Her interest in animals lead Jenny to volunteer at a shelter in Tacoma Washington full time for a year and a half. Jenny went the University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma Washington, for her bachelor’s degree and is now in her 4th and final year of her doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University.

“I’m very interested in surgery right now,” said Jenny about the areas of animal medicine she finds most interesting. “I also like internal medicine; however, I’m really still exploring all the other areas to find what interest me the most.”

Jenny loves shopping in her spare time and can usually be found at the mall when not studying. She also has a toothless, 12-year-old, Maltese to keep her company.

Welcome to Craig Road Animal Hospital Jenny!