Yen was born into a pet-less home in Cleveland, Ohio.  However, this did not stop her from trying to hatch chickens from store-bought eggs, or bringing home a dead pigeon in the hopes that she could heal it.  She was five.  Although her parents may have been opposed to a family pet, they very much approve of her chosen profession.

Yen decided to become a veterinarian while studying psychology at Ohio State University.  She then attended St. George’s University of Veterinary Medicine in Grenada.  Yen is currently completing her fourth year at Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  She explains that her fourth year of college has been the most rewarding as she has a very hands-on way of learning.  Yen is excited to gain more such experience at Craig Road Animal Hospital.

Now that she’s flown the nest, Yen is finally a proud pet owner!  There’s Maggie, a chihuahua whom she calls a ‘diva’, and Archie, an orange tabby and rescue she describes as her ‘soul mate’.  In her spare time, Yen enjoys the ‘city life’, or exploring new and exciting destinations.  As a self-proclaimed ‘foody’ this also includes the cuisine.

Welcome to Craig Road Animal Hospital, Yen!