Our Pet of the Month for May is Gypsy Rose!

Meet Gypsy Rose, one of the most sociable cats in Nevada!

This three-year-old Calico is one playful kitty. With personality to share, Gypsy Rose loves everyone who crosses her path. Not only does she like to make new friends, her siblings are her favorite companions, sharing her attention between the two dogs and cat that share her home.

When Gypsy Rose isn’t sunbathing on the patio, you can find her sitting right on top of mother’s shoulders!

Her curious behavior can sometimes get her into purses, where she likes to collect keys, money, and anything else she feels entitled to. At the end of the day this lovely kitty just wants to be pampered, and she’ll always roll over for a nice rub on the belly!

Congratulations Gypsy Rose, you’re our May Pet of the Month!

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