Please welcome Amy, our newest extern!

Amy mostly grew up right outside Chicago, Illinois. She always loved animals in her youth, however, most of her family was severely allergic to both dogs and cats. As a result, she didn’t have pets growing up. Not having any pets only drove her to want to interact with animals more, so, she began volunteering at her local vet office. She helped the doctor in charge and ended up loving the responsibility. Part of it was the excitement of solving the mystery of what’s happening with the pets. “They can’t tell you what’s wrong with them,” she explains, “I like being able to help owners figure out what’s happening so they can help their pets.” She understands the worry and stresses people have over their beloved pets and wants to help ease those feelings best she can.

A little before attending school, Amy moved to North Carolina and has been there for about 5 years. For her undergrad, she attended the University of Notre Dame and is currently attending the North Carolina State University where she is due to graduate later 2022. Craig Road Animal Hospital will be her first externship program as she took a leave of absence due to having a baby.

Amy learned about the program from Mike Falconer, the hospital administrator, at the Uncharted Veterinarian Conference. She was volunteering at the conference at the time and spoke in depth with Mike about the three hospitals he helps run. Before taking on the externship program, she was a student representative for Craig Road Animal Hospital.

Due to having a baby, Amy has found herself having less free time these days. “Your whole world sort of revolves around the baby,” she said. Amy also has a single, female pet cat she adopted from a shelter. While the cat has a strong bond with Amy herself, the little thing is a cautious creature naturally. Despite this, the cat is slowly warming up to the baby.

Welcome to the team, Amy! We are happy to have you.