For almost a year now, Craig Road Animal Hospital has been sending out surveys. Hospital Administrator Mike Falconer talks about why, and introduces some results for May 2013.

Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

By Mike Falconer

When you visit Craig Road Animal Hospital we will often ask for an email address. This is mostly to give us another avenue of communication and to simplify the sending of estimates etc. However, there is another reason. in August of last year we started to survey pet owners for whom we had an email address. When you come to visit Craig Road Animal Hospital, if you have not been in the previous 90 days and we have an email address for you, you’ll receive an email with a link to a simple survey.

I review survey results each morning, and each month we go over the aggregated results in our general staff meeting. In addition, to the actual survey questions, there is also the ability to add comments. Each month we print out a complete list of these comments (good and bad) and they are read pretty religiously by doctors and staff alike.

We use these survey results to see which areas we need to focus on, and to give perspective. We post comments on the testimonials section of our website most months, however, we also wanted to include our clients and potential new clients in this process. With that in mind we felt that sharing some of this aggregated feedback each month on our blog would be useful.

We have kept the format pretty simple but are open to presenting more detailed information if there is the interest. Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.