Meet Periwinkle!

Periwinkle, aka ‘Peri’ and ‘Winkle’, spent his first several years as a lazy barn cat who only ever caught one mouse; and when it had to run right in front of him.  As he didn’t mind being ‘dressed-up or sat on by a toddler’, Peri became a house cat.

Periwinkle is described by his owner as ‘more like a dog’, who runs to the door to greet visitors when the doorbell rings.   He also enjoys sitting on laps and being brushed.  When one of Periwinkles owners passed away, Peri never moved from his bedside, even as medical personnel came and went.  He is ‘truly an exceptional cat, who is truly loved.’

Congratulations to Periwinkle for being our Pet of The Month for January 2019!

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