Kylie, originally from the southeastern region of Michigan, has a deep-rooted connection to nature. During her childhood, she had a diverse array of animal companions, including a black lab, turtles, frogs, and an assortment of fish. In addition, she nurtured a fascination for horses, which later in life ignited her passion for equine medicine,.

Her journey to becoming a veterinarian was a path she longed for, yet she found herself in a state of denial for some time. It wasn’t until her first year of college that she realized there was no other profession that would bring her genuine, day-to-day fulfillment.

Kylie embarked on her educational journey at Eastern Michigan University, where she completed her undergraduate studies. Currently, she is dedicated to her pursuit of the dream she held dear since childhood – to become a veterinarian. Her chosen path has led her to Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, where she anticipates her graduation in 2024.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Kylie enjoys being outdoors, hiking, trail riding, backpacking, and running. Her love for animals extends to her cherished companions, Winnie, a golden retriever, and Murray, a giant Flemish rabbit.