Pet of The Month-June

Griffin is a two-year-old Blue Brindle French Bulldog with a playful and loving personality. What makes Griffin unique is his soft caramel brindle color on his blue coat. Owner Brianna, says “He gets along with all dogs and just always wants to play.” He’s had a few obstacles dealing with his health but that hasn’t stopped him from just being a puppy. “Griffin has had everything from vaccinations, neuter, soft palate surgery, and stenotic nares surgery. He is currently getting…

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Pet of The Month – December 2017

Meet Babka, Babka is a seven-month-old French Bulldog. Inspired by his brindle colored fur, Babka’s name comes from a chocolate Russian coffee cake. According to owner Gail, his registered name with the American Kennel Club is “HRH Chocolate Chi Chee Babka.”   Babka is a smart pup who loves to play. His favorite toys are socks that he pulls from the freshly washed laundry. He can play fetch with the socks non-stop and loves for you to knot and throw…

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Pet of the Month – January 2018

Meet Ellie, This little girl is the year’s first Pet of The Month. This sweet heart is a year-old English Bulldog. She is intelligent with an outgoing personality. Her hobbies include; teething on her chew toys, taking moms, slippers, chasing her doggy siblings, eating, and after a long hard day she loves cuddling with her owner or doggy siblings. Ciara is the proud owner of this sweet brown and white puppy. “She makes our heart skip a beat.”, said Ciara.…

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Pet Of The Month – October 2016

Say hello to Bear, a seven year old chihuahua dachshund mix. Bear recently visited Craig Road for a checkup with Dr. Tampira. Obviously this little guy was ready for Halloween with his lobster costume. Even though his name is Bear, he’s only a fraction of one’s size. Standing tall at just under a foot, Bear commands the attention of people wherever he goes. She will also respond to the name of anyone else receiving attention. This two year old pup has…

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Pet Of The Month – August 2016

Meet Olivia, an English Bulldog as lazy as she is adorable. Even though her name is Olivia, she will also respond to the name of anyone else receiving attention. This two year old pup has many responsibilities to deal with at home including cleaning up crumbs, licking, and multiple naps. Olivia is more of a lover than a fighter, one day Mom asked Olivia if she wanted to cuddle, little did she know that she was scheduling mandatory cuddle time at…

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Pet of the Month September 2015

Cali is what her mom calls a “free spirit”. This two year old bulldog comes from a rescue in California. Cali loves people and becomes quite a ham when she notices a camera around. She loves playing with children and puppies, but her favorite hobby is taking a dip in the pool. This fashionista also has quite an extensive wardrobe, mostly full of pink dresses. Cali loves to cuddle and share kisses. when she isn’t swimming the pool, you can…

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