Dry Eyes: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

Dr. Emilee Larkin explains the signs and symptoms of dry eyes in dogs, and what pet owners can do to help with their pet’s treatment. Tears and tear production are important factors when it comes to eye health. They can wash away debris and any infectious agents that can get into the eye, and they even have germ-fighting properties. When the eye’s tear film — the thin but complex layer of fluid coating the eye — does not contain enough…

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Dog & Puppy Care at Craig Road Animal Hospital

Congratulations on your new furry friend! Between all the vaccinations and wellness appointments, all this new information can feel a little overwhelming. But there’s no need to fear! The staff at Craig Road Animal Hospital are here to answer any questions you may have about your new canine companion. We even broke down all the necessary information you’ll need to know as a new dog owner in the infographic below. You can also read our other blog posts about animal…

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Dogs & Rattlesnake Bites

With spring in full bloom and summer right around the corner, rattlesnakes will be coming out of brumation (a period of inactivity reptiles experience during colder times of the year). Dr. Kimberly Lutz explains how and why you should get your dog the rattlesnake vaccine to make sure they’re protected against deadly rattlesnake bites.

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Pet Safety during New Year’s

With the New Year just days away, it’s important to make sure our furry friends stay calm and relaxed once the partying begins. Similar to the Fourth of July, many pets are reported missing around New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, and there’s a chance they can get into things they’re not supposed to. As you celebrate the ringing in of 2021, be sure to keep these tips in mind to help keep your pet safe. Click on the…

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Reopening Craig Road Animal Hospital

Craig Road Animal Hospital has reopened its doors to a limited number of clients. While inside the building, we ask clients to please follow to all social distancing guidelines and wear a mask at all times. Curbside service will continue to be an option as well. Any client who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to wait in their car. Watch our video below to learn more about what steps we are taking to keep clients and our staff…

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You, Your Pet, and COVID-19

Last update 5/14/20 As of 5/15/20 we are returning our hours to opening at 6AM and closing at 8PM, seven days a week. Our boarding is now open and our grooming service will restart as of 5/18/20. We are still serving all clients curbside at the moment. We truly do appreciate all the support and patience that our clients have shown as we try to keep everyone safe while still being after to look after your pets. A pug has tested…

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Proactive, not reactive. – Pet Wellness Special 2019

The promotion has ended.  For dogs and cats, the symptoms of illness and aging are not always visible. For our pet’s general well-being and to improve their life and life expectancy we’d like to make sure that your pet looks as good inside as outside. Bring in your well dog or cat for a physical exam, urinalysis, and major organ blood work screening. We will usually have the results within 24 hours, and the information will provide us with a…

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They call him Dr. Google

By Tiffany Major, DVM We’ve all done it. Whenever we start to feel like we are coming down with something, we type out a list of our symptoms and send them over to “Dr. Google”. While some find answers, others have scared themselves into believing that what they thought was the flu is now full-blown Ebola. Most doctors feel that googling treatments isn’t the best idea, and we agree. When it comes to diagnosing your pet, I only have this…

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