Meet our Pet of the Month, Lexie!

Meet our Pet of the Month, Lexie!

Lexie is an energetic Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler that was born in North Las Vegas. Shortly after she was adopted by her owner Jeanne, she was brought into Craig Road Animal Hospital for her vaccinations as well as her first exam. After a few months, it was apparent that Lexie was eager to see Dr. Major again, she became excited every time she even drove past the hospital. We’re happy to admit that Lexie’s bond with Dr. Major has only grown since her first vet visit.

Since Australian Cattle Dogs are natural herders, one of the concerns was whether Lexie would get along with her owner’s three cats. Within days, her cats taught Lexie the cat claw is swifter and sharper than any puppy teeth, and that nipping wasn’t a good idea. She’s learned to be very gentle with the cats she lives with, but does like to herd them from time to time.

Growing up, teaching Lexie what not to chew was a rather expensive project as she’s chewed up a computer power pack, a couple lamp cords, several down pillows, ‘only’ one slipper, a crate mat, several leashes, many toys, to name a few, but as she’s matured her destructive chewing seems to be limited to very durable toys and chew bones.

Congratulations Lexie, you’re our September Pet of the Month!

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