Put your hands together for Shiloh, our Employee Spotlight for April!

Shiloh has been with Craig Road Animal Hospital since November 2020 and has made herself a valuable member of our team in a short amount of time.

Growing up in Las Vegas, Shiloh said she had been bringing her family’s cats to Craig Road for many years since she lives so close to the hospital. She said her family is “strict cat people.”

“This place is where I always took my animals and I’ve always wanted to work with animals, so I was like, ‘Well, I hear they’re hiring!'” she said. Shiloh applied a couple of times to Craig Road but didn’t hear back on her previous applications. She worked at a few other jobs in the Las Vegas area, gaining experience before applying again. Shiloh said she was excited to be joining the team at Craig Road when she got a callback.

“It’s right down the street, I live six minutes away, I thought it was perfect!” she said. As she continues working at Craig Road, Shiloh admitted she would like to continue working in animal medicine, and possibly work in treatment one day, either as a vet tech or veterinarian.

“I don’t know if I wanna stop at a tech, I’m not really sure and I haven’t really decided yet,” Shiloh said. “But I would at least like to be back in treatment, I don’t necessarily want to stay in customer service forever. This was the perfect opportunity to get an in into the industry because I never really had another way to get into the industry or get a beginning or a start, and I thought this job was the perfect opportunity for that.”

Before working at Craig Road, Shiloh spent a lot of her time volunteering with Lied Animal Foundation and the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. She said that since she was homeschooled and had a lot of free time as a result, Shiloh decided she wanted to help and work with animals. Shiloh said the most rewarding part of her job is the animals.

“That’s all I ever wanted to work with, I’ve always had a heart for God’s creation and I’ve always felt we are meant to take care of it,” she said. “That’s who I am as a person, I’ve always loved to take care of things, whether it’s plants, animals, anything like that.”

Shiloh said that working with her mother in her garden helped foster that love for wanting to take care of things and making sure that things are taken care of. She said she also enjoys being a voice for animals since they can’t speak for themselves.

According to Shiloh, one of the more challenging parts of her job is answering customer questions she may not have the answers to.

“I don’t want to have to get an ERA or a tech to answer a question, cause I would like to be able to do that one day,” Shiloh said. Becoming more familiar with the ins and outs of how some of the procedures in the hospital works is one of Shiloh’s goals in answering some of the more challenging questions customers ask her.

Outside of work, Shiloh dabbles in photography, though mostly with her Siamese cat Miso since he makes for an excellent model. Aside from her cat Miso, Shiloh’s family also has a Maine Coon cat named Lucky. She also enjoys hiking at Red Rock and Mt. Charleston. Shiloh said the city scene isn’t her style and enjoys being outdoors and in nature.

“We actually have a lot of good hiking out here in Vegas and nobody really sees it because they’re all at the hotels and stuff,” she said.

Thank you Shiloh for all your hard work here at Craig Road Animal Hospital! We know you have our patients’ best interests at heart!

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