Pet of the Month October 2015

This little dog has a very big name and rightfully so! Augustus Caesar rules the hearts of his mom and dad while living the pampered life in the Panorama Towers. Augustus lives up to his name. Not only is he popular in with neighbors, he has over 500 followers on his Instagram ! The self-proclaimed “king of everything” stole the hearts of our staff during his last visit due to his sweet nature. The Petit Brabancon is a rare version…

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Pet of the Month September 2015

Cali is what her mom calls a “free spirit”. This two year old bulldog comes from a rescue in California. Cali loves people and becomes quite a ham when she notices a camera around. She loves playing with children and puppies, but her favorite hobby is taking a dip in the pool. This fashionista also has quite an extensive wardrobe, mostly full of pink dresses. Cali loves to cuddle and share kisses. when she isn’t swimming the pool, you can…

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Pet of the Month August 2015

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. This five month old Frenchie is a spunky little lady who wears her heart on her sleeve. She loves giving plenty of kisses and making you giggle by chewing on your toes. Lola may have a huge heart but she is feisty and refuses to be walked on a leash, she’s far too independent for that! Congratulations Lola, you’re our Pet of the Month for August 2015! If you would like to submit your pet…

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Station is a five-year-old Welsh Corgi mix. She prides herself on being a good companion and has recently become a big sister! When she’s not showing her love and affection towards her sisters and cat cousins, you can find this lady running the fence at the dog park. Congratulations Station, you’re our Pet of the Month for July 2015! If you would like to submit your pet for Pet of the Month please use the form here (don’t forget a…

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Pet of the Month November 2014

Luke was a rescue dog from Las Vegas Labrador Rescue. Luke is an amazing ambassador for any dog owner with his kind nature, level of obedience, as well as ability to make everyone love him. He is well know here at Craig Road Animal Hospital as “the dog that sits in a chair without moving”. His family loves him so much and are amazed that even with Luke’s high level of training, he is still a wonderful family member that…

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Pet of the Month August 2014!

Gauge is a one year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He is very playful and thinks he is a lap a dog! Gauge enjoys playing tug of war and going out shooting with his family. Gauge is our Pet of the month for August 2014! If you would like to submit your pet for Pet of the Month please use the form here (don’t forget a picture!) or email us at .

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Pet of the Month July 2014

Simba, a 2 month old Grey Tabby kitten. He was found in a backyard, abandoned, at only 3 weeks old, and now lives with his loving family. Simba loves grabbing your face and giving you kisses on your cheek. He is a very energetic cat, who loves tumbling and rolling around like a gymnast. His favorite toys are an empty Amazon box, his parents’ TV stand, and anything with strings and bells. Even though he’s a little daredevil, and it…

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Pet of the Month June 2014

Chloe is a 1 year old Great Dane. Her favorite toy is water bottles- in ANY size! Her momma says shes a 120lb toddler who loves naps and car rides and that cheese and deli meat is her absolute favorite treats! Chole is a big sweetheart that loves to stand up holding your shoulders while licking your ears. Chole is our Pet of the month for May 2014. If you would like to submit your pet for Pet of the…

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Pet of the Month May 2014

Duncan came to his owners from a high kill shelter, as a foster dog with Las Vegas Labrador Rescue. From the first day, it was clear that he was a special foster. Craig Road Animal Hospital’s Dr. Hagstette discovered that this strong and energetic boy actually had a broken femur. He received an FHO surgery at Craig Road performed by Dr. Mych and Dr. Tampira. His foster parents rehabilitated Duncan for four weeks, and prepared him for his adopting family.…

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Pet of the Month April 2014

Nicky is a 3 month old German Shepherd. He is a sweetheart and recently got neutered at Craig Road Animal Hospital. He loves playing with his rope – it’s his favorite toy. He also enjoys going for walks and rides in the car. Nicky is a very loving and playful pup who is learning new things everyday! Nicky is our Pet of the month for April 2014. If you would like to submit your pet for Pet of the Month…

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Gotti and Splash

Our Names are Gotti and Splash September 2012 Gotti is a male 4 month old English bulldog and Splash is a 3 month old female English bulldog. I think you’ll agree they are super cute!

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My Name is Coco July 2012 Coco enjoys hanging out with her family. She is a girlie girl…loves having her nails done and being groomed. She has been coming to Craig Road Animal Hospital since she was just a pup. Coco and her Mommy say they will not go elsewhere. They love the attention and care that they receive from the staff and doctors.

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My name is Sif June 2012 She is a quirky Shiba Inu who has been coming to Craig Road since she was just a puppy. She is always excited to go to the vet ALL THE SMELLS! I love the staff and all of the doctors and so does Sif, just ask her! We will continue to use Craig Road Animal Hospital to be sure Sif is happy & healthy

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My name is Buddy May 2012 Buddy is a 10 year old Shepherd/Retriever mix. He has been coming to Craig Road Animal Hospital since he was a puppy. Dr. Roach and the staff take such great care of all of Buddy and his siblings. Buddy had to have his spleen removed and all the Staff at Craig Road was absolutely wonderful! We have tried other hospitals but they were not a good fit. We will remain patients at Craig Road…

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My name is Sox March 2012 Hi there, I am Sox. My mom says I am an amazing escape artist! She thought my specialty was opening cabinets and cupboards but when she took me in for my yearly vaccines, she was shocked, I was even able to open my locked cat carrier…Mom will never know how I managed that one! We have been using Craig Road Animal Hospital since 1995, we love this place! We love all of the attention…

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Sophie Mae Rae

My name is Sophie Mae Rae February 2012 My name is Sophie Mae Rae and I think Dr. Mych is the coolest! He takes care of me like I was his own kitty. Recently my Mommy was worried and took me in to check on a bad tooth. After Dr. Mych pulled the abscessed tooth he made both me and my Mommy feel much better. You guys at Craig Road Animal Hospital Rock!

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My name is Kapu January 2012 Kapu’s family gave him a very strong name. Kapu means ‘no trespassing’ in Hawaiian. He loves his family at home and his Craig Road Animal Hospital family. He visits to get his ‘Once a month’ spa treatment at the hospital. Kapu also enjoys his vacations at the kennels with all the attention, love and care.

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My name is Charity December 2011 Charity loves to go on walks and to play with her Awesome big brother Splinter. She also enjoys lots of hugs & kisses. During down times she enjoys lying on her comfy bed and nodding off for a bit. Charity has been coming to Craig Road Animal Hospital since she found her forever family. She loves all the attention she receives while visiting, coming at least once a week. Charity and her family appreciate…

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My name is Snowball November 2011 I am normally a very healthy boy, but I have been a bit under the weather lately. Thanks to the staff and Doctors at Craig Road I am getting much better. They are always so nice, and gentle with me. My Mom & Dad say they love me too much to ever take me, or their other: “Fur-baby’s” anywhere else!

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