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How Well Are We Doing September 2013?

For almost a year now, Craig Road Animal Hospital has been sending out surveys to every client who brings a pet to Craig Road and who has given us an email address . Hospital Administrator, Mike Falconer, talks about why, and introduces some results for September 2013.

Mike Falconer, Hospital Administrator

by Mike Falconer

August and September are always a strange months for us and for a lot of other veterinary hospitals. It tends to be quieter for routine things and it seems that we are very busy one moment and then very quiet the next. However, this year we have a couple of promotions going on: our low cost spay and neuter special and enhancements to an ongoing effort to improve pet dental care year round. We have also had the launch of our “Pets In Transit” service which offers house calls, deliveries, drop offs and pick up of pets. All of these things going on have meant that although certain days have been a little slower around Craig Road Animal Hospital, others have been extremely busy. This always presents us with a challenge, in terms of staffing and in terms of work flow.

Our customer satisfaction numbers for September look great however! I’m really proud of the improvements that we have made this month – so a big thank you is due to the staff. We still have areas to work on, wait times in particular are a focus area at the moment, but things are in general going in the right direction. in the key category of “how likely are you to refer a friend to our animal hospital?” the extremely likely numbers went up by almost 8%. Like wise, the number of people who rated us “excellent value for money” went us by 3.2%. The “less than expected wait time” numbers unfortunately went down by 4.7%, however our “unacceptable wait time”  halved to 0.9%.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who completes our surveys and gives us feedback – even the negative ones. It is extremely helpful to us to get this feedback and I hope that existing and new clients find it reassuring. As always, below the graphs, we have some of our favorite comments from this month. We even managed to have some nice comments on Yelp and Google places that did not get “auto filtered” – a big thank you to those reviewers as well.  You can find us on Yelp here, or Google here.

If you ever have any comments, concerns, or complaints please feel free to reach out to me, either by phone, email, or the next time you are in the hospital.

Christine H.

I have been bringing my pups to Craig Road Animal Hospital since 2006. No matter what doctor I would see I always felt my pups were in good hands. From the moment we enter the door to the time we leave, I’ve always felt well taken care of.

Sharyn M.

Excellent visit….since Gracie is tough to take to the vet due to her temperament, it creates lots of stress on my part. The doctor, Dr Beyers, did a lot to make our visit comfortable. He was down to earth, calming, and very good at making me understand Gracie’s situation, which is that she is a nervous nelly, more than myself, and prone to idiopathic urinary issues. Thank you so much.

Julie M.

I was so impressed with the staff, everyone from the Vet to the ladies behind the counter were very nice and made me feel more comfortable during a bad situation. I will definitely be back and will be bringing all my pets to your office. The office and rooms were spotless..very impressive in all areas..Thank you for taking care of my pug!

Veronica S.

I love this place and I will keep taking my babies to this place. The entire staff is awesome =]

Becky J.

I have brought my pets to CRAH since shortly after they opened. I am always pleased with the care and recommend it to friends in the area.

Barbara W.

Nahima has always had excellent care from Dr. Mych and staff. Everyone is very caring and it shows. Nahima never seems to mind going to visit Dr. Mych and will even get on the scale without a hassle. Thank you for the excellent care and kindness that you extend to your furry friends and their families.

Ron S.

Dr. Hagstette has been our vet for several years and several pets. She has always listened and been understanding of our concerns. She has also been very straightforward with her explanations and diagnoses. We are very happy with her. The front desk and nursing staff have also been very personable and professional.

Pamela D.

I have recently moved from Henderson and I thought you were terrific!! I have three dogs, three cats, and four parrots, so I’ll definitely be seeing you again! Brewster thanks you — he’s feeling great!

Sara E.

Dr. Whitcraft was professional and personable. She was caring and tender with our little puppy. Her assistant Lindsey was very thorough in explaining the care our puppy needs. I was pleased with the visit and feel comfortable in giving the care of our puppy to Dr. Whitcraft and the staff at Craig Road Animal Hospital. Thank you.

Gail S.

The Doctor and staff made sure to answer my questions that I had about Bennie. Everyone is very nice and I appreciate the later hours. Bennie doesn’t like other dogs and it makes it so much easier for me to bring him in the evening when it is not so crowded.

Mikhal Z.

The facility itself is beautiful. Very clean, and the staff is very friendly. I think I’m switching from my current vet. And your hours are unbelievable.

Jessica C.

I really appreciate everything you’ve done for my animals and taking care of their health. I also appreciate the reasonable prices that the animal hospital offers. I am very impressed. Thank you ,so very much. –Jessica

Shirley M.

We’ve put a lot of stock in the staff at your clinic since we’ve been on this side of town… and so far, have never met a stranger, have felt very comfortable with anyone we see. As your staff usually says we can drop by almost any time, I do still call to see if I can “drop by” in an hour or so, and the answer has always been “yes”. So, “any wait time” is acceptable. I think we’ve seen almost all of your vets (whether there now, or in the past) and we’ve not had any issues at all. Thank you for the care that you give to our “kids”.

Chris N.

Our overall experience was delightful. My kitty (Mandy) is always scarred to go to the vet and she can be a handful. The staff & Dr. made the experience more relaxing than expected. I would definitely recommend your facility to a friend or family member with a family pet. Thank you!

Marilee B.

I want to thank all the staff for the caring and concern you ALL showed my dog Lee Lee when I brought her in on an emergency. I had never been to see you and just looked in tbe phone book and prayed you guys were good. Everyone there went above and beyond to make sure my dog was cared for and that we were comfortable. Dr and her assistant kept us fully informed. I was even offered a drink….WOW….. You didn’t try to make me do a lot of tests that would run a bill up like I have had happen to me in the past by my own vet in California. I have told many ppl about you and the excellent care you all give. Thank you very much, Mari B. Weisser and LeeLee P.S. LeeLee Loved her birthday card

Donna L.

I am very grateful I have found Dr. Stone as my Vet. She is remarkable. She had caught a misdiagnois on one of my dogs that had gone on for 4 years and caught it in the first visit. Dr. Stone is wonderful in explaining things and spends the time needed. This particular visit I saw Dr. Daniels who was also extremely helpful with my pet. Also was glad to spend the time needed to explain things to me. I have had nothing but great experiences at Craig Animal Hospital. Donna lance

Tim J.

Very good service by all who helped us. The Vet took time to explain everything to me and looked over the x-rays with me as well. She showed a true concern for both me dogs. The Vet’s assistant was very helpful and caring with them both. Took the time to ensure my dogs felt safe with her and the staff. Also , thanks to Stephens(1st name?) for all her help with getting me and the dogs in and out and with all the paperwork for the bill. Thanks again for all the help!

Corey W.

My husband and I were very pleased with your hospital. Not only was it a quick visit, but every one on staff was wonderful and most importantly treated my puppy like it was there own. We have already recommended you to others and we Will be back for all our pet needs. The best thing that happened was my dog was comfortable and not scared at all.we were extremely surprised he didn’t cry or even flinch during his shots. He didn’t even notice.thank you so much for answering all our questions for we are new parents, this is our first dog and I and extremely over protective of my baby . Thanks for everything we will be back in a month.

Bill & Susan Z.

All the staff at the Craig Rd. Animal Hospital are great. For the most part we always see Dr. Hagstette who is always great. Our two dogs just love Juliet. But I have to say everyone has treated us great. We thank all of you for taking good care of our two little boys Mr. Bo Jangles and Sir Sammy. Luv Ya All Bill & Susan

Ashlee B.

Dr. Finder was amazing! She was fantastic with our dog and very knowledgeable! She answered all the questions we had and made us feel very comfortable. When we come back in the future, we will definitely be requesting to see her.

Ashley E.

I will continue to come here the hospital director Mike and Dr Daniels we’re both great, they met all my needs and made sure all my needs were met. I have already recommended Craig rd animal hospital to all my friends.

Lynn L.

The staff & doctor’s are the very best you could possibly find. They truly treat you & your pet as their only concern. I feel blessed to have such a knowledgeable & caring staff taking care of my two pets.

Diane C.

Tweeter and I just love Craig Animal Hosp, and especially Dr. Hagstette who has been treating Tweeter since he’s been a puppy! Overall we have been pleased with everyone for their hard work. Thank you all!!

Bill Z.

I try to keep my pets with one vet so they are familiar with them. I have had 3 excellent Dr.s caring for them over the last 10 yrs. Not only are they skilled and knowledgeable, but compassionate, kind and concerned. Each one cared and cares for my pet as if it were their own.

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Expanded Grooming Hours and Services

Craig Road Animal Hospital is proud to announce the expansion of our grooming hours and services with the addition of groomer Lynee Johnson to our team.

Lynee Johnson

Lynee hails from Michigan, has been grooming for 18 years, and she is a former Grooming Academy trainer.

Lynee will groom dogs of all sizes and cats and she will be grooming in the evenings during the week and during the day on the weekends. This means that Craig Road Animal Hospital now offers grooming services seven days a week.

We are currently accepting appointments for Lynee for the week beginning 10/21/13. Lynee will be working alongside Becky King who has been grooming at Craig Road since 1996.

All of the doctors and staff at Craig Road would like to welcome Lynee to our team.

If you would like to make an appointment with either of our groomers please just give us a call on (702) 645-0331. Please note that core vaccines and intestinal parasite testing is required to be up to date for all grooming patients .

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The Threat of Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease has been found in all 50 states, and although not in epidemic proportions as in the South of the country, it is increasingly something that pet owners should be aware of – even in Las Vegas! Craig Road Animal Hospital’s own Dr. Beyers goes over the symptoms, preventatives, and cures for this potentially fatal disease. 

Dr. Beyers

By Seth Beyers, DVM

Heartworm disease may not be as well known in the Las Vegas area as some other parts of the country, but the threat of heartworm disease is out there!

This dangerous disease occurs when your pet is bitten by a mosquito.

Infected mosquitoes carry microscopic heartworm larvae which is deposited onto your pet and works its way into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, these worms migrate to the heart where they can grow up to 12 inches long! The heart may become so infected with worms that your pet may develop heart failure and/or lung disease. Heartworms may cause your dog to show symptoms such as a persistent cough, reluctance to exercise, and weight loss. When a large number of heartworms develop, it can lead to an abrupt obstruction of blood flow through the heart and lungs.

It is a very simple to test for heartworm disease. A small amount of blood is sent to the laboratory, and the results are back within days.

This test cannot consistently detect infection until heartworms are at least 7 months old. This is why it is important to test your pets every 6-12 months. Notify your veterinarian if there is any lapse in monthly treatment so appropriate testing can be scheduled.

Prevention of this heartworm disease is easy. A pill or chew ball medication is given every 30 days year-round. These medications are highly effective, safe, relatively inexpensive, and often will provide treatment of additional parasites. Prevention is always safer and more affordable than treating dogs with heartworm infection. Treating heartworm disease can be very costly and time consuming. There is risk of sudden death during treatment due to dislodgment of dead heartworms that may cause an embolism.

So at your next visit to Craig Road Animal Hospital be sure to discuss the individual risk factors, clinical signs, preventative changes, and testing limitations of heartworms disease with your veterinarian.

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Pets in Transit

Craig Road Animal Hospital is proud to announce a new pet transportation service. Our team will provide non-emergency transport for pets throughout Southern Nevada. Pets in Transit was created with both pets and pet owners in mind to provide convenient, compassionate care at home, and for the transport for pets, pet supplies, and medications.

Because pets are our primary concern, Craig Road Animal Hospital provides an affordable, reliable caring solution for pet transport needs. Whether it’s for a regular check-up at Craig Road or a medical transfer from Craig Road to a specialty hospital, Craig Road’s Pets in Transit service can take the stress out of transporting pets for owners.

“We are very excited to be able to offer these services,” said Dr. Mychajlonka of Craig Road Animal Hospital. “We have built Craig Road around customer service, medical excellence, and giving our clients and patients what they want. Pets in transit is a natural extension of this and allows us to offer our patients an exciting level of care.”

Transport services start at $10.00 and are available during daylight hours subject to availability.

Craig Road Animal Hospital is an 11,000 square foot veterinary hospital in Northwest Las Vegas providing a wide range of veterinary services including preventative care, surgery, dental care including root canals, ultrasound, Laparoscopic surgery, Endoscopy, breeding consultations, grooming, boarding and indoor pet exercise.

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