Precious and Oliver were brought to us over the summer as boarders but due to unusual circumstances, the two cats ended up being the property of Craig Road Animal Hospital.

Our entire staff instantly fell in love with the kitties. Both the domestic shorthairs are not only very sociable, but also the sweetest companions anybody could ask for. Oliver is a male and about two years old. He loves attention and just wants to give affection to anyone who has the pleasure to be around him. He is very mellow, lovable, and the kind of cat that just wants to curl up next to you at anytime, any day of the week.


Precious tends to be a little more playful, which could be because she is only a year old. She is a little more independent but likes to know you’re close by. Precious is your typical curious cat. She likes to explore and take a look around but always returns for a little lovin’. It wasn’t until two weeks into her stay that the staff noticed Precious getting a little more robust. We performed an ultrasound and found out that this little lady was pregnant!

Precious and her babies

And our staff was delighted! Of course we love babies here, because they’re just so, well, cute. On August 25, 2015, Precious went into labor. This was her first time having babies, and it wasn’t easy for her. Our staff worked with her and were successful in helping Precious give birth to four kittens. Unfortunately, one was a stillborn, and another passed the next day. Precious currently has two very healthy kittens, one boy and one girl.

The baby kittens!

This mama and her babies are given around the clock care here at Craig Road. Our staff has already grown attached but we know a day will come when we will have to find them all homes. One of our veterinary technicians will be fostering Precious and her babies for the time being. Stay tuned and we will let you know when or if the kittens, mom and Oliver are ready for adoption. To follow their story and see more photos of the family, follow us on Pinterest and Instagram

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