Levels of Dental Disease

Level 1 – Seen in younger animals, mild tarter build up with mild inflammation of the gums.

Level 2 – Teeth have moderate tarter build up, halitosis present, may have mobile and discolored teeth, moderate gingivitis, the gums may be bleeding and painful to touch. Some bone loss can be seen on dental radiographs.

Level 3 – Moderate to severe tarter build up is seen on teeth, the gums are swollen, bleeding and painful when touched. The bacteria from the tarter has caused bone loss and the gums to recede causing root exposure.

Level 4 – Severe tarter and halitosis (bad breath) is present. Many of the teeth are loose, discolored and very mobile. This stage of dental disease is very painful for pets. The chronic bacterial infection has destroyed the gums, tooth and bone. The bacteria may be spreading throughout the entire body via the blood stream and may be causing damage to the kidneys, liver and heart.

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