Proactive, Not Just Reactive!

For Dogs and Cats over seven years. the symptoms of aging are not always visible. For our pets general well being and to improve their life and life expectancy we’d like to make sure that your pet looks as good inside as outside.

 Bring in your well dog or cat for a pet wellness exam and bloodwork for the special price of $157.59, a saving of $112.41!

Your pet’s wellness exam and blood work will include a full physical exam, a complete blood count (CBC), as well as a super chemistry panel, a thyroid level, a cystocentesis, and a urinalysis.

By catching disease early, there are more treatment options, more successful outcomes, and more peace of mind. So be proactive, rather than just reactive, about the health of your senior pet and make an appointment for pet wellness exam and bloodwork.

Special pet wellness exam and blood work discount available through the end of October. Discounted exam, cystocentesis, and blood work are available for well pets seven years and older only. 

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